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Update to v1.3 is around the corner

Update v1.3 view
An update to version 1.3 will soon land in the App store and here are some of the new features:
  • Level meters
  • Mix fader overhaul
  • Bank-wise scrolling of tracks, clips and track-sends
  • Switch between main and effect tracks
  • Always visible Master track
  • Slider overhaul for remote control and send parameters


Project & Cue Markers

  • Start/stop, fast for-/backward, record, enable write automation, enable groove, etc. without having to use the mouse.
  • Get an overview of the cue markers in the arrangement and quick jump to any of them.
  • Prefix all cue markers with their current position.


Bitwig Extension

Download the R-KONTROLConnector.extension below and place it in the Bitwig Studio/Extensions folder.
Compatible with R-KONTROL v1.3 R-KONTROL Connector (v1.3)
Compatible with R-KONTROL v1.0 R-KONTROL Connector (v1.0)