Control Bitwig Studio® with your iOS devices, from everywhere in your studio.


Controller Config

"Add Controller"

When the R-KONTROL_Connector extension is stored in the Bitwig Studio extension folder on the computer, select R-KONTROL->R-KONTROL Connector in the "Add Controller" section in Bitwig.

"Networking Config"

Configure the Send to address (which is the IP address of the iOS device where R-KONTROL is running) and adjust the remote and local ports if needed (e.g. when already in use by another application).



In the Settings tab, the current IP address of the device is shown. This helps to enter the correct IP in the Bitwig Controller configuration A tap on the Edit Settings button opens the configuration sheet.

"Configuration sheet"

  • Local Port: The network port, where R-KONTROL should be reachable (no need to change this setting, only when the port is already in use by another app)
  • Disable device sleep: Let the iPhone or iPad not go to sleep while R-KONTROL is running
  • Bitwig Port: The network port, where Bitwig is reachable (no need to change this setting, only when the port is already in use by another app)
  • Bitwig Address: The IP address where Bitwig is reachable


"Project View"

  1. Project Name
  2. Beat time position and time position display
  3. Activate Audio Engine, Save, Undo, Redo
  4. Transport buttons (scrollable if screen is too small to fit)
    • Play
    • Stop
    • Record
    • Fast Backward
    • Fast Forward
    • Enable arranger write automation
    • Enable arranger overdub when recording
    • Enable clip write automation
    • Enable clip overdub when recording
    • Enable groove
  5. Additional Actions
  6. Display
    • Tempo (long tap to alter tempo)
    • Loopstart/-end position display
    • Enable/disable punch-in/-out
    • Enable/disable metronome
    • Enable/disable looper
  7. Cue Markers
    1. Tap on the #-Button to prefix every active cue marker with its numbered position (e.g. Intro becomes 1. Intro or Untitled becomes 1.)
  8. Actions
    • Show/Hide Cue Markers
    • Follow Playhead
    • Switch Panel (Arranger, Mixer, Edit)
    • Show/Hide Clip Launcher
    • Show/Hide Arranger
  9. Actions with no status (depends on the current panel)
    • Toggle arranger time ruler
    • Toggle Mixer
    • Toggle Devices
    • Toggle Automation
    • Toggle Note Editor
    • Zoom to Fit

Remote control parameters

"Current Device Parameters"

  1. Available devices on current track
  2. Available remote control pages for the selected device
  3. Available device slots (FX or other chains: when there are devices in a slot, a tap on the name will select the device and a "Back" button will appear)
  4. Remote control parameter: top shows the name and bottom the current value


"Mixer View"

In the Mixer view the Instrument, Audio, Group, Effect tracks and the Master track are displayed. The Mixer view is scrollable while swiping left or right.

  1. Track head shows the track name and type (audio, instrument, group, fx or master)
    • Long tap on the track header to access actions like delete, deactivate or when the track is a group track: enter group, expand/close group
  2. FX Sends, Arm, Solo and Mute
  3. Track volume
  4. Track pan
    • Double tap on the pan knob will reset it to the default value
  5. A long tap on the inactive track brings up a context menu where the track can be activated or deleted


"Clip Launcher"

The Clip Launcher is scrollable with down-/up and left-/right swipes. The Scene Launcher follows the down and up swipes.

  1. Scene actions
    • Add scene
    • Create scene from playing clips
  2. Stop clips (or all scenes), return to arrangement
  3. Launch clip or queue for recording

The information in this document is subject to change without notice and does not present a commitment on the part of R-KONTROL. The software described by this document is subject to a License Agreement and may not be copied to other media.

Bitwig Studio® and associated logos are registered trademarks of Bitwig GmbH, registered in the U.S. and other countries. Logo use and names are for illustration or demonstration purposes only. R-KONTROL does not belong to Bitwig or is affiliated or in any other way related with Bitwig.

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R-KONTROL for iPhone and iPad is a remote control iOS app which enables you to control Bitwig Studio, running on a computer, over Wi-Fi. R-KONTROL is a native app written in Swift and SwiftUI.

Use of third party software

R-KONTROL makes use of following third party libraries:

  • orchetect/OSCKit
  • spacenation/swiftui-sliders

R-KONTROL Connector makes use of following third party libraries:

  • apache commons-lang3
  • google/gson